SEC Football: Week Nine

Good afternoon! It has been four weeks since we’ve done SEC Predictions, Banter style. As George Jones used to say when he was opening his shows, “How y’all doin’? Bless your hearts! Welcome to our show.” Then he’d usually kick it off with the song No Show Jones, followed by The Race Is On, and then he’d slow it down with Once You’ve Had The Best (a personal favorite). And that’s what we try to give you here at Bird’s Banter. The best. If we aren’t the best pickin’ show out there then we’re surely the most fun!

So welcome to our show! I’m Braxton “Bird” LeCroy. I don’t have a band, like The Jones Boys, but I do possess a proclivity for having a good time. So let’s do it!

Another quick “Jones” aside before it’s time to pick. I saw ‘The Possum’ on a televised show from Church Street Station in Orlando many moons ago. The crowd was really revved up that night and when Ron Gaddis, George’s faithful bass player and front man, introduced Possum, ol’ Jones was “revved up” and goes into his “how y’all doin'” intro and says, “Welcome to… where are we, Ron?” Ron, “Church Street Station.” Jones, “That’s right! Beautiful Church Street Station in Orlando, Florida!”

Now! Let’s do it!

Arkansas (-3.5) at Auburn

At first glance this contest has all the appearances of a real stinker. But both teams can put points on the board and neither defense is playing well at all. Auburn was able to run the football well last time out against Ole Miss. Problem is, the Rebel Land Shark Black Bears ran it even better. Seems like we’re looking at a wide open affair. The Tigers actually have a decent chance to post a victory over the Piggies. They’ve had the opportunity to regroup and heal some wounds, same with Arky, and have something to build on. If the boys from the Plains can play even a wee bit of defense then they could even their record at 4-4. The Ozark Mountain Porkers would fall to the same record of 4-4. Here’s saying that is what will happen! Auburn 34, Arkansas 30.

Florida at Georgia (-23.5)

The World’s Largest Cocktail Party. That moniker is not “allowed” anymore in describing this game which always comes to you form Jacksonville, FL. I like the descriptor and I will continue to use it in reference to the Gators versus the Dawgs. Jawja is ranked number one and I’ll second that emotion. They good! The Water Lizards do have a winning record, 4-3, and could be chomping for a little while. The Hedgers are deeper, wider, and more talented, obviously. That’ll be enough to secure another W over Billy Napier’s gang. Georgia 38, Florida, 17.

Missouri at South Carolina (-3.5)

More Tigers and the Roosters. And would you look at who is number 25 in the AP poll?! Yep! The Cocks! They’re playing some Beamer Ball in this Colombia. The other “Columbians”? Not so much. Eli “Can I have a” Drinkwitz you has hit on some tough luck with his Felines. The Show Me squad could pull off the minor upset. Nah! Cockadoodle DOOOOO! South Carolina 28, Missouri 23.

Kentucky at Tennessee (-12)

The Blue Cats (any “Ozark” fans out there?) had a nice win over The Pirate’s Bullpups one Saturday hence. The undefeated and untied Rocky Toppers are layin’ pipe. Highly ranked and upsetable, the Vols better take extra care this weekend. We’re looking at under the lights in wild and “shined” up Neyland Stadium. Corn cobbin’, pass throwin’, battery tossin’, and mustard slingin’! Ol’ Smokey will be howling at the moon when this un’ is done. Tennessee 38, Kentucky 27.

And lastly on the schedule…

Ole Miss (-1.5) at Texas A&M.

Jimbo’s Aggies have been stinking the woods up as of late. Speaking of stubborn coaches. Geez Fisher! IT AIN’T WORKING!!! Lane “Popcorn” Kiffin knows what works. The visitors to Kyle Field can tote the rock and sling it too. But that was a butt whoopin’ last Saturday in Red Stick (better watch out for Kelly’s crew). The margin is razor thin between these two sets of Gridironers. Ever ironed a grid? It could be insightly. It could be exciting. The 12th man will help a little but not enough for the College Station based battlers to prevail. Ole Miss 26, Texas A&M 24.

Last week Ole Miss was my only miss. Hmmm. 4-1 it was. The season continues to go quite well for yours truly. We’re now 61-13. That’s .824.

That New England/New York/Buffalo Winging/Rock and Roll Hall of Faming trip was about as special as it comes. But we’re very happy to be back in the Peach State and watching college football from our home at 116 Sundown Way in Acworth Gee A!

As as my girl Joanie sings it so well, “I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby!”

Love y’all! be safe! Love you neighbor! Peace out!

Photo credit Pexels Free Photos