Cynthia Lennon passed away earlier today. Her son, Julian, broke the news on his website. Julian’s father is, of course, John Lennon. Cynthia was 75 years old. John would have been 74 years old were he still alive. His birthday is October 9th. I remember February of 1964, when The Beatles hit the terra firm of the USA, like it was yesterday. It was incredible. … Continue reading Yesterday

Winter Words Vol.5/ “Grateful” for Sunshine

The sun has shone brightly all day. The car wash was packed. People seemed a little happier and peppier today. It’s only 40 degrees now and it ‘feels like’ 35 but you would think it’s 60 degrees judging by people’s attitudes. It’s actually a little bit unseasonably cold. The average high in the ATL area for February is 57 with an average low of 38. … Continue reading Winter Words Vol.5/ “Grateful” for Sunshine