Sacred and profane. Heaven and hell. Spiritual and physical. Light and darkness. Somewhere between. You and I. First and last. Most and least. Where do we fall? How do we climb? Out of the abyss and into the light. Grace and peace. Love and light. Comfort and mercy. Bread and wine. Body and blood. God incarnate. Christ Among us. With us. In us. Through us. … Continue reading Christ


Transformation. Just what does transformation entail? I suppose it depends on who or what is performing the transformation on whom. Here is the short take from Merriam-Webster: “: a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc.” Rather trite? Maybe, upon first glance, but the “etc.” is what caught my attention as I considered the definition more carefully. Etc. Really? Etcetera “is … Continue reading Transformation